HBE320-523 3D
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The flexible solution for additively manufactured parts

The HBE320-523 3D has been developed for cutting 3D-Printing Plates in different sizes up to 500 x 300 mm.


Highest precision ensures optimal cutting results and guarantees, that neither the printplate nor the printed parts get damaged. The result is, that the height of the supporting structure of the printed parts can be reduced.


The individual fabrication of the bolted plates provides high flexibility for sawing 3D-Printing Plates in different sizes and shapes. The Stop-System with alignment on the printplate simplifies the set-up mode and reduces sources of errors. The fixture ismoveable, which ensures an easy loading and handling.


To adapt the sawing system to the process in an optimal way, BEHRINGER offers various options such as machine cover with suction device, spray mist system and individual clamping devices.

Technical Data

Model   HBE320-523 3D
Plate size round [mm] 300
Plate size flat [mm] 500 x 300
Blade speed [m/min] 15 - 110
Saw drive [kW] 2,6


Fixture with hydraulic plate clamping unit
Micro Filtration for coolant