High-Performance Automatic Bandsaws HBM Range
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HBM440A – HBM800A

Unbeatable speed – even with the toughest jobs


To address the most stringent requirements. Ideal for high piece numbers and particularly hard steel qualities.

In the fast lane with the HBM
To address the most stringent demands in terms of cutting output, automation and process reliability in the steel trade and production, BEHRINGER HBM series high-performance automatic bandsawing machines offer an impressive package of benefits. From NF metals and aluminium through steel to inconel or titanium. HBM machines are characterized by the combination of high cutting output, high precision and reliability, guaranteed by their vibration-damping structure made of grey cast iron components and the saw frame with its centric flow of forces. The sensitive BEHRINGER feed control also helps protect the saw blade, ensuring even greater economy through a long tool service life. Fast feed movements on every axis help cut downtimes to a minimum.

Effective chip disposal
Any producer aiming to achieve high-performance machining with the utmost process reliability in low-manned operation must consider the issue of chip disposal. BEHRINGER HBM high-performance automatic bandsawing machines provide a solution which is as efficient as it is convenient. Underneath the sawing unit, directly in the direction of chip flow, is a generously dimensioned chip conveyor with integrated coolant tank. This intercepts and separates produced chips and coolant. The funnel-shaped machine stand ensures their optimum discharge. To allow for cleaning and maintenance, the conveyor is fitted with casters and can be simply rolled out to the machine frame. A highly efficient duplex chip brush system cleans the saw blade from any adhering sawing chips.

Even greater precision with servo technology
By using the optional servo feed system, even higher cutting performance is achieved when sawing tool and stainless steels and materials such as Hastelloy or Inconel with difficult machining properties. The linear feed movement ensures the constant discharge of chips and maximizes the efficiency of modern bandsaw blades. The fast response of the servo feed system to the sensors used for cutting pressure regulation consistently prevents overloading and premature wear of the tools.

Technical Data

Model Cutting range Feed length
single stroke
90° rund 90° flach
B x H
HBM440A 440 440 x 440 600
HBM540A 540 630 x 540 500
HBM800A 800 800 x 800 600
HBM800-1201A 800 1200 x 800 600
HBM440ALU 440 440 x 440 600
HBM540ALU 540 630 x 540 500
HBM800ALU 800 800 x 800 600
HBM800-1201ALU 800 1200 x 800 600
HBM440A-PC-E 440 440 x440 600
HBM540A-PC-E 540 540 x 540 600


All data in mm



Duplex chip brushes
Effective chip clearance using a duplex chip brushing system. Two self-compensating chip brushes clear each side of the saw blade of adhering chips. The brushes are arranged to ensure maximum protection of the tooth tips and extend saw blade life.
Duplex chip brushes
Blade guiding elements in grey cast iron
By dampening vibrations directly at the sawing point, blade-guiding elements made by BEHRINGER help to increase tool service life.
Blade guiding elements in grey cast iron
Speed-Cutting Technology
An upgrade with the SC-Kit will provide an enormous performance boost for the HBM series from BEHRINGER. The development of the SC-Kit for integration into standard machines has benefited from pioneering discoveries from the field of speed cutting technology. The combination of proven design principles with newly developed belt guidance systems, high-performance cooling and new control technology have permitted a significant increase in the chip removal rate.
BEHRINGER Speed-Cutting Technology
Systematic process reliab
Get the most out of your production – with our support as a leading problem solver and a solid, reliable partner. So that you can squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your machines, we will provide you with complete, perfectly coordinated plant concepts.
Systematic process reliab