Innovative Processes
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Model building shop

High-quality cast components are produced on the basis of precisely tailored models.

We produce and maintain your models in our own in-house model building shop.

  • Utilization and processing of different materials such as wood, polystyrene, metals or plastics – depending on individual requirements
  • Quality control of models before and after every moulding process
  • Appropriate storage of your models
  • Individual coordination of model and casting system by our technical production engineering department

Core moulding shop

The production of your casting begins in our core moulding shop.

On the basis of your specifications and our process experience, we produce sand cores using the cold setting resin.

  • Continuous flow production permits efficient production processes and short cycle times
  • Core weights can be implemented ranging up to several hundred kilos
  • Materials used are subjected to continuous quality controls
  • Just-in-time production of cores 

Block moulding plant

Flexible and efficient – automatic moulding of different batch sizes.

The block moulding plant forms the nerve centre of our new iron foundry.

  • Boxless moulding for maximum flexibility
  • Automated process, from moulding through pouring to breaking open the mould face
  • Efficient even for the smallest batch sizes
  • Production of cast components up to piece weights of around 200 kg
  • Environmentally friendly production through high-performance extraction with energy recovery

Hand moulding shop

Our hand moulding shop for your large castings.

Our large-area hand moulding shop benefits from short transportation and communication routes to the core making shop and the smelting operation.

  • Generously proportioned conditions ensure an efficient workflow
  • A high-performance rotary mixer enables efficient filling of large moulding boxes
  • Production of castings weighing up to appr. 4,000 kg
  • Optimum work conditions for our well trained foundry mechanics