Smart Control Systems
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All under control with BEHRINGER

Hightech made easy

For the automatic control of automated sawing plants for steel and metal construction, we recommend the BEHRINGER PC control system. All the main machine functions are controlled using an intuitive touchscreen user interface. In low-manned automatic operation, monitoring functions such as our auto-feed control with cut monitoring ensure sawing plant process reliability.

Other bonuses

  • Absolute operating simplicity
  • Ergonomically designed operating terminals
  • Job database with material information
  • Clearly arranged menu prompting
  • CAD data import via DSTV interface (option)
  • Programming of the machine from an office desk via network interface (option)
  • Telemaintenance (option)

Always up to date

Using pur own internally developed software for simple, precise bandsaw programming means you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are benefiting from BEHRINGER’s extensive process optimization expertise. The result: An easily learned, simple operating system accessible to everyone. And an optional update service which keeps you permanently abreast to any upgrades and improvement.

A clearly understandable menu prompting system makes child’s play of controlling both the bandsaw and peripheral equipment.