Large Bandsaws
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HBP large band saw series - Precision meets power

Solid materials such as slabs, cast blocks or freeform forgings – the giants from BEHRINGER will handle any challenge it must face. The portal design of the machine concept is the most recognizable feature of the BEHRINGER large bandsaws.

Users also benefit from the modular design concept, which allows nocompromise individual adjustments to specific machining requirements. Features >


HBP1100 - HBP1500

High-performing workhorses designed to address the specific needs of steel finishers and the steel trade – large bandsaws by BEHRINGER.

  • Semi-automatic models
    The material is positioned by eye, for instance with the aid of a liner laser


HBP1100 GANTRY – HBP2100

The ultimate cutting machine for cast blocks or freeform forgings – the BEHRINGER gantry giants.

  • Space-saving installation
  • Durable material support table
  • Simple positioning of the saw frame


HBP1100T – HBP1500T

Their flexibility and high performance make BEHRINGER tabletop machines the ideal solution for the medium ton range.

Supplied as standard in semi-automatic form. Automation is possible by upgrading with an additional material clamping vice at the end of the table.