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The portal design

Two solid columns and support bars form a balanced machine concept to address the most stringent demands. The effects of this highly stable gantry design include minimal vibrations during sawing, high loading capacity, and an extremely long service life.

Servo down feed system

The saw is fed by a servo drive with two ball screws regulated by a sensitive feed control unit depending on the material characteristics.The benefits: Higher cutting output,longer blade life, low-vibration cutting, constant chip removal.

Bandf�hrende Teile aus Grauguss

Blade guiding elements in grey cast iron

By dampening vibrations directly at the sawing point, blade-guiding elements made by BEHRINGER help to increase tool service life. These elements are cast in-house in our own foundry, benefiting from experience handed down over decades.

Carbide blade guides

The combination of carbide guides and dampening rollers ensure safe and reliable guidance of the saw blade while entering and exiting the material.

Optimum accessibility

All the important parts and components are very accessible. The open design offers direct access to all wearing parts, optimizing both maintenance and repairs and simplifying saw blade changes.

Chip cleaning

Powered duplex chip brushes actively clean the blade and prevent chips being drawn into the cutting channel. The benefits: Increased tool service life and lower brush wear.

Chip conveyor

The chip conveyor is located directly underneath the sawing point, which catches the saw chips and surplus cooling emulsion.


Saw drive

BEHRINGER large bandsaws feature a high-torque frequency controlled saw drive with heavyduty hollow shaft gearbox. Drives with different speed ranges are available to suit particular materials.