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Power packs in motion

The ultimate cutting machine for cast blocks or freeform forgings – the BEHRINGER Gantry giants.


Saws which get things moving.

In forging mills, rolling and gravity die-casting foundries, and steel finishing works, these machines provide the ideal answer for dealing with large dimensions. They are perfect for preproduction in tool and mold making factories, helping to save valuable milling time.

Gantry large bandsaws from BEHRINGER pay dividends. They are a driving force for efficient sawing technology and space savings. Their success formula: Table length equals material capacity, which equals the machine footprint.

The material support table is recessed in the foundation. Its low-level transition to the hall floor makes for simpler material handling. The moving saw frame can be positioned by axis control precisely at the point of cutting. Where no sawing is taking place, the table is freely accessible. This also allows space for a second piece of material to be loaded while the saw is cutting. This system helps reduce downtime between cuts and enhances productivity.

Benefits of the BEHRINGER Gantry Machines

  • Space-saving installation
  • Durable material support table
  • Simple positioning of the saw frame
  • Optional: blade guide with 90° rotation facility for vertical and horizontal sawing to allow notching of materials

Technical Data

Model Cutting range Clamping width minimum Table size Feed length
single stroke
90° round 90° flat
W x H
L x B
HBP1100 GANTRY 1100 1100 x 1100 100 6500 x 1200 5000
HBP1100-1500 GANTRY 1100 1500 x 1100 400 6500 x 1200 5000
HBP1100-1800 GANTRY 1100 1800 x 1100 400 6500 x 1500 5000
HBP1100-2100 GANTRY 1100 2100 x 1100 500 6500 x 1800 5000
HBP1500 GANTRY 1500 1500 x 1500 400 6500 x 1200 5000
HBP1500-1800 GANTRY 1500 1800 x 1500 400 6500 x 1500 5000
HBP1500-2100 GANTRY 1500 2100 x 1500 500 6500 x 1800 5000
HBP1800 GANTRY 1800 1500 x 1100 400 1800 x 1800 5000
HBP1800-2100 GANTRY 1800 2100 x 1800 500 6500 x 1800 5000
HBP2100 GANTRY 2100 2100 x 2100 500 6500 x 1800 5000


All data in mm



Effective non-standard solutions
HBP1500 Gantry with two saw frames

Two separately traversable sawing units permit the simultaneous execution of two cuts on a single workpiece. Effective non-standard solutions.

This is made possible by a 22 m long material support table, which can be loaded and unloaded while sawing is in progress.
Effective non-standard solutions
Band wheels
The large diameter of the band wheels produced in-house by BEHRINGER reduces bending fatigue in the saw blade. At the same time, using grey cast iron with special wear-resistant alloying at the surfaces coming into contact with the saw blade increases service life of the wheels. From the model HBP1800 and upwards, four band wheels are used.
Band wheels
Centric material clamping
The optimum solution for bulky material. The material clamping vices and blade guide arms can be traversed independently of each other. The material is clamped in the position in which it was placed on the table, without the need for it to be moved to meet the fixed side of a vice.
Centric material clamping
Collecting basket
The collecting basket prevents sections and short parts from tipping over and crashing into the saw table. At the same time it simplifies the removal of material from the machine. It is easy to mount using T-slots provided on the saw table.
Collecting basket