Semi-Automatic / Automatic Machines
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HBP1100 - HBP1500

Universal machines that pack a punch

High-performing workhorses designed to address the specific needs of steel finishers and the steel trade – semi-automatic large bandsaws are available from BEHRINGER

As flexible as you are
The large-scale universal machines from BEHRINGER can handle any job that is needed. Their expertise: Handling heavy-duty workpieces with ease and slicing through the material with extreme cutting performance. When processing long solid workpieces – rolled or rough turned – or processing large pipes, these benefits make for dramatic improvements in productivity. Round or rectangular – the results are equally impressive.

Semi-automatic variants
In the BEHRINGER semi-automatic models, the material is positioned by eye, for instance with the aid of a line laser. For longer cut piece lengths, we recommend using a measuring device for precise positioning.

Technical Data

Model Cutting range Clamping width minimum Feed length
single stroke
90° round 90° flat W x H
HBP1100 1100 1100 x 1100 100  
HBP1100-1500 1100 1500 x 1100 300  
HBP1100-1800 1100 1800 x 1100 400  
HBP1100-2100 1100 2100 x 1100 500  
HBP1500 1500 1500 x 1500 300  

All data in mm


Rest piece-optimized sawing of short parts
The use of cut-off grippers significantly enhances the efficiency of BEHRINGER automatic saws. If the material is transferred from the feed gripper to a cut-off gripper, the minimal rest piece length can be reduced to almost zero. The benefit for the user is a reduction of wasted material, which results in cost savings.
Rest piece-optimized sawing of short parts
Stop plate to safeguard small parts
A stop plate ensures safe operation when working with short parts, by preventing the cut pieces from falling over when pushed forward during automatic operation.
Stop plate to safeguard small parts
Roller conveyors
Robust roller conveyors guarantee the reliable transport of rolled materials or thick-walled pipes. A frequency-controlled drive system provides the required driving force, transmitted to each individual roller via a heavy-duty double chain.

To guarantee the greatest possible stability, the support rollers rest on solid pedestal bearings, which allow starting material weighing several tons to be placed directly on the roller conveyor.
Roller conveyors