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HBP1100T – HBP1500T

Multitalented for heavy weights

Their flexibility and high performance make BEHRINGER tabletop machines the ideal solution for the medium ton range.

The table moves the weight
BEHRINGER tabletop machines are ideal for use in forges, rolling mills and die casting factories, in steel finishing works and for tool and mold making. Their individually traversable material clamping vices and blade guide arms make these ideal for cutting bulky materials. The low table height makes this type of machine ideally suited for use on normal hall floor level.

Facility for automation
BEHRINGER tabletop machines are supplied as standard in semi-automatic form. Automation is possible by upgrading with an additional material clamping vice at the end of the table. Positioning takes place on an axiscontrolled basis.

Optionally available is 90° rotatable blade guide for vertical and horizontal sawing to allow notching of materials.

Technical Data

Model Cutting range Clamping width min. Table size Feed length
single stroke
90° round 90° flat
W x H
L x B
HBP1100T 1100 1100 x 1100 100 3000 x 1200 2000
HBP1100-1500T 1100 1500 x 1100 400 3000 x 1200 2000
HBP1100-1800T 1100 1800 x 1100 400 3000 x 1500 2000
HBP1500T 1500 1500 x 1500 400 3000 x 1200 2000
HBP1500-1800T 1500 1800 x 1500 400 3000 x 1500 2000


All data in mm



Large bandsaws with split machine stand
This version permits heavyweight work pieces such as rollers to be positioned with the aid of a transport carriage, allowing even more flexibility while handling ultra-heavy parts.
Large bandsaws with split machine stand
Material support table
Material support tables are designed for the ultimate in functionality and durability, with variants available for magnet or crane loading. The table is equipped as standard with T-slots to accommodate support prisms.
Material support table
Prismatic supports
Prismatic supports are beneficial when sawing round material with large diameters. They allow for the material to be centrally aligned on the table and ensure that heavy parts are safely deposited. These are also flexibly arranged in the provided slots.
Prismatic supports
Lay-down fixture for end pieces
Uncontrolled tilting of heavy end pieces after cutting can damage the material support table. This is prevented by the Behringer lay-down fixture. The cut pieces are engaged from the vertical sawing position by a material support, which hinges upwards and lowers them into the horizontal position. This allows the end pieces to be removed using a magnet or crane.
Lay-down fixture for end pieces