LPS-Series Automatic Vertical Bandsaws
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The smart solution for the steel trade

BEHRINGER’s answer for fully automatic plate cutting. High in performance and with outstanding flexibility.  

Either longitudinal plate cutting or with 90° band rotation for longitudinal and cross cutting. The cutting range of the machines is tailored to your specific needs.  

Automatic longitudinal and / or cross cutting
Automatic longitudinal plate cutting or with automatic 90° band rotation for combined longitudinal and cross cutting: the BEHRINGER range of vertical plate saws provides high performance and the ultimate in flexibility. A durable, torsionally rigid welded construction and vibration damped cast components provide the assurance of minimized noise and precise cuts – no matter whether you are processing parts or strips.  

Speed and precision
From NF metals and aluminium through steel to inconel or titanium. LPS vertical bandsaws from BEHRINGER will cut through even the most difficult of materials with the utmost precision – without compromising on speed. This is made possible by a durable, torsionally rigid welded construction in conjunction with vibration damped cast components. The saw feed system is equipped with servo technology together with the sensitive BEHRINGER cutting pressure control system for guaranteed higher cutting outputs and a longer band service life.  

Effective chip disposal
Anyone considering high-performance metal cutting needs to think about disposal of the produced chips. BEHRINGER LPS bandsaws offer a solution which is as efficient as it is convenient. Underneath the sawing unit, directly in the direction of chip flow, is a generously dimensioned chip conveyor with integrated coolant tank to intercept and separate produced chips and coolant. For efficient cleaning and maintenance, the conveyor is equipped with casters to allow it to be conveniently rolled out of the machine frame. A high-efficiency chip brushing system clears the blade of any adhering chips. The brushes rest against the blade and clear adhering chips out of the chip space.

Technical Data

Model Cutting depth Cutting height Cutting length
  (mm) (mm) (mm)
LPS40-2 680 400 2000
LPS40-3 680 400 3000
LPS40-4 680 400 4000
LPS40-6 680 400 6000
LPS60-2 680 600 2000
LPS60-3 680 600 3000
LPS60-4 680 600 4000
LPS40-120-3 1200 400 3000
LPS40-120-4 1200 400 4000
LPS20-120-6 1200 200 6000
LPS80-120-3 1200 800 3000
LPS80-120-4 1200 800 4000
Typ Cutting depth Cutting height Cutting length
  (mm) (mm) (mm)
LPS60-120-6 1200 600 6000
LPS120-120-3 1200 1200 3000
LPS120-120-4 1200 1200 4000
LPS100-120-6 1200 1000 6000
LPS40-160-3 1600 400 3000
LPS40-160-4 1600 400 4000
LPS20-160-6 1600 200 6000
LPS80-160-3 1600 800 3000
LPS80-160-4 1600 800 4000
LPS60-160-6 1600 600 6000
LPS120-160-3 1600 1200 3000
LPS120-160-4 1600 1200 4000
LPS100-160-6 1600 1000 6000


Automatic positioning
Automatic plate positioning by means of servo motor-driven feed grippers.
Automatic positioning
Plant control
Intuitive plant control with touchscreen. The programmed jobs are clearly visualized and depicted on the workpiece. Additional cutting time or cutting waste optimization functions can also be selected.
Plant control
Blade guidance componentsle
Blade guidance components made of vibration-damping grey cast iron.
Blade guidance components
Saw feed system
The saw feed system is equipped with the ultra-precise BEHRINGER cutting pressure control system in conjunction with servo technology, guaranteeing higher cutting outputs and a longer blade service life.
Saw feed system
Blade changeover
Quick and simple – blade changeover on BEHRINGER LPS vertical bandsaws completely without the need for tools.
Blade changeover