High-Performance Automatic Circular Saws HCS
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HCS High-Performance Automatic Circular Cold Saws: The No. 1 in High Performance and Precision

The steel-cutting high-performance automatic circular cold saws of the HCS series offer flexible solutions for the most varied sawing requirements – from the very basic model up to the complex system with Multi-Fluid package.

No matter which type – each HCS saw stands for top cutting performance and premium quality. Each model pays off quickly in multi-shift operation and increases profitability many times over when it comes to cutting solid material or thick-walled profiles. Features >



HCS 90 E / HCS 150 E

The access to the „Upper Class“:large-scale production with a maximum of output and quality. An investment that pays off quickly.

High-performance sawing technology, which includes the steel-cutting high-performance automatic circular cold saw, a loading magazine and the chip conveyor.


HCS 100 MF – HCS 180 MF

It is unique! The Multi-Fluid cooling concept multiplies the already high cutting performance of the HCS series many times over.

Shorter cycle times, higher output – the Multi-Fluid concept of the HCS MF-series opens new horizons of efficiency thanks to its pinpoint cooling during the cutting process. The Multi-Fluid system is excellent for high-alloy stainless steels and tool steels, nickelbased alloys like Inconel and Hastelloy as well as titanium alloys.