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Intuitive control system

The touchscreen control is designed to be easily learned and understood, as well as convenient and simple to operate. A job memory allows recurring profile data to be stored, saving time and guaranteeing quick and accurate reproduction of results. Profile and order data can be imported directly from the customer’s network via the control system’s Ethernet port.

Material feed system with controlled zero edge

The NC axis with ball screw and servo drive in conjunction with a controlled zero edge guarantees extreme positioning accuracy. The controlled zero edge helps ensure gentle material handling.

Extreme ease of access

An invaluable bonus when it comes to servicing and repairs: The casing can be opened up to expose large areas of the machine. All the important components and parts are easily accessible. The machine’s open design affords direct access to all important components, facilitating maintenance, cleaning, repairs and saw blade exchange.

Automatic widening of kerf channel

The kerf extension allows clear return travel of the saw blade by pressing back the material and the offcut on both sides. The effect: increased service life of tools and elimination of scratching on the cut surface during blade retraction.