Loading magazine
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Chain loading magazine KLM

  • Large loading capacity
  • Simple handling
  • Automatic feed of wide-ranging different profile shapes
  • All support surfaces coming into contact with the positioned material are designed to ensure gentle handling and prevent damage to the material surface

Gentle and safe charging process

Make sure you make the very most of the VA-L’s performance potential: Using a material feed system configured ideally to the sawing process, you can maximize your sawing output.

Our approach to maximized potential: Parallel reloading and productive time. To minimize set-up times, the next material load is positioned and automatically fed during the previous sawing process.

Just like the circular sawing machines themselves, the design of our loading magazines consistently seeks to minimize material damage.



Bar loading magazine SLM
  • Automatic loading of round material
  • Robust, almost maintenance free
  • Fast and simple operation
Bar loading magazine SLM
Transfer loading system
  • Automatic connection of bar production and testing
  • Decoupling of production
    processes through buffer stations
  • Feed gripper guides material reliably towards the machine in the correct position
Transfer loading system
  • Automatic transfer of profiles to the powered roller conveyor
  • For rod guidance, vertical guide rollers are arranged at the sides of the rollers
  • All rollers coming into contact with the material (horizontal and vertical rollers) are plastic coated