Vertical Circular Saws VMS
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CIRCULAR SAWS VMS - "The original"

Classics in any workshop. More than 250,000 units sold worldwide speak for themselves. The machine’s simple operation, top quality and precise cuts is the best fit for every shop working with steel.



VMS 350 – VMS 400 H
If you require flexible, universal cuts in wide-ranging different materials, then look no further than the VMS series vertical circular saws from EISELE. Both in manual and semi-automatic mode, these machines cut solid material, pipes and profiles in metal and comparable plastics up to 200 x 120 mm.


VMS 370 A / VMS 400 A
For series cuts in small to medium-sized batch sizes - the VMS Automatic Circular Saws combine the classical vertical circular sawing principle with an NC-controlled feed gripper, while also offering extreme economy and flexibility.