Technical After Sales Service and Remote Maintenance
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Rapid assistance from our specialists

Our servicing team is on hand to offer fast, straightforward assistance when you need it. Our competent, reliable servicing team can provide invaluable help over the phone. In most cases, faults can be quickly localized and remedied on the telephone or by remote maintenance. This will save you unnecessary wasted time and allow you to quickly resume your sawing operations. Otherwise, a field service team technician will be sent to you on site.

More complex sawing plants are generally equipped ex works with an interface for remote maintenance which will allow error analysis to be carried out even more efficiently. With the aid of an online diagnostic system, our technicians are able to intervene in the program, read out the error memory and so provide effective assistance.

Your benefits:

  • Rapid troubleshooting and remedy of faults
  • In-depth, professional support where servicing is required
  • Reliable, individual support
  • Fewer service callouts
  • Shorter repair times through optimum preparation

Telemaintenance for saws with PC control