Factory Overhaul
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To good for the scrap heap!

The purchase of a BEHRINGER sawing plant is a long-term investment. Our machines are practically unbeatable in terms of their service life. If your old sawing machine is starting to let you down in terms of precision, or if wear and tear begin to take their toll, then a general overhaul in our company can offer an economical alternative to a new purchase.

In the process, we will naturally implement any possible technical improvements and install modern control systems. Retrofitting with optional equipment features is also possible at the same time. Talk to us about the scope of the overhaul you envisage and what you need your saw to be capable of in the future. 

Your benefits:

  • Lower machine hour rate through extended machine life cycle
  • Exchange of all wearing parts
  • Modernization of electrical components
  • Cutting performance on a par with an as-new machine
  • Retrofitting of additional equipment features