Automatic Plate Bandsaw LPS25-250-6A

Fully automatic cutting of plates - especially in the steel trade industry

LPS Automatic Plate Saws are Behringer's solution for fully-automatic plate cutting. Automatic longitudinal cutting of plates or combined longitudinal and crosswise cutting with optional blade guide that can be rotated by 90° enable extremely efficient, low-personnel operation. There is no need for manual rotation of the plates. These are positioned automatically by means of servomotor-driven feed grippers. The cutting range of the machines depends on your requirements.

Behringer Plattensägeautomat LPS25-200-6A

LPS25-250-6A (similar illustratoin)

Behringer Plattensägeautomaten generieren den Sägevorschub mit einem Servomotor

Servo feed system

Die drehbare Bandführung der Behringer Plattensägeautomaten ermöglicht das Sägen von Teilen und Besäumschnitte an gewalzten Platten

Rotating band guide (option)

Behringer Plattensägeautomat mit Tragrollen auf dem Innentisch

Table variant with rollers on the inner table

Behringer Plattensägeautomaten haben Nesting-Funktionalitäten in der Steuerungssoftware

System control / plate editor

Behringer Plattensägeautomaten können auf Wunsch mit Stapler beladen werden

Lifting unit for forklift loading (option)

Features of the LPS25-250-6A

  • High degree of automation
    Due to their high degree of automation and the optional 90° rotatable band guide, the Behringer LPS automatic machines enable fully automatic order processing for the production of customer-specific dimensions.

  • Advantages in material purchasing
    By producing flat materials from large sheets, rationalisation effects can be achieved both in warehousing and in the purchase of raw materials.

  • Unsurpassed precision and cutting performance
    The high cutting accuracy, quiet running and long blade life are all down to the special torsion resistant design of the saw frame. In comparison to plate and block bandsaw machines from other manufacturers, the force for the saw feed is applied directly beneath the cutting point, which results in feed movements that are considerably more accurate.

  • Forklift loading (option)
    Hydraulic lifting devices can be added for loading the LPS automatic machines with a forklift truck. When extended, the fork rakes can be driven under the material. The material is then placed gently on the material table.

  • Rotatable blade guide
    The LPS automatic machines can be supplied with a blade guide that can be rotated by 90°. This enables the machine to be used for automatic longitudinal and crosswise cutting of plates.

  • System control / plate editor
    Benefit from intuitive system control with touchscreen. The jobs are entered into the plate editor and clearly displayed in the working area. The raw plate dimensions are measured fully automatically through standard plate contour detection.

  • Nesting functionality
    The optimised arrangement of the sawing jobs is carried out either according to cutting time or waste (rest piece optimisation).

  • Quick bandsaw blade change
    Quick and easy – tool-free bandsaw blade changes mean shortest set-up times. Just a few simple steps are all that is needed to change the bandsaw blade.

Individual Configuration

The LPS25-250-6A can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical Data LPS25-250-6A

Cutting length 6,100 mm
Cutting width 2,500 mm
Cutting height 250 mm
Minimum cutting width 30 mm
Minimum cutting height 8 mm
Drive power 7.5 kW
Blade speed 10 – 110 m/min
Saw blade dimensions 10,490 x 54 x 1.6 mm
Inside table:
Supporting area 2,800 x 6,250 mm
Outside table:
Supporting area 2,800 x 6,250 mm
Number of grippers 3
Gripper stroke 2,850 mm
Length 10,250 mm
Width 8,400 mm
Height 3,900 mm
Weight 28,000 kg
Material support height 1,620 mm

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