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Behringer 3D series

The flexible Solution for additively manufactured parts

With the 100th anniversary BEHRINGER complemented its product portfolio with the new 3D-Series including two models. The high-performance sawing machines were developed for cutting additively manufactured parts in different sizes and shapes.

Additive Manufacturing, or simply said 3D-Printing, becomes more and more important in nearly all industries. The new processes make it possible to produce simple as well as complex parts in different materials. The additively manufactured parts are printed on a base plate via a supporting structure. 3D-Printing offers many advantages like a higher design flexibility and individualization of the products (keyword batch size 1). To use and process the 3D-printed parts, they have to be detached from the base plate.

The new 3D-Series from BEHRINGER separates the additively manufactured parts from the base plate with the highest cutting precision. Neither the print plate nor the printed parts get damaged due to the high cutting accuracy of the BEHRINGER band sawing machines. The 3D-Series includes the two models HBE320-523 3D and LPS-T 3D.

Highest sawing precision even with large cutting dimen-sions

No matter whether steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel-based alloys or plastics – the 3D-saws from BEHRINGER cut all additively manufactured parts in different sizes and shapes without any problems. As the fixture can be individually manufactured to customer requirements, high flexibility is guaranteed.

The HBE320-523 3D, based on the existing and established HBE Dynamic Series, offers a fixture for small and medium-sized plates up to 500 x 300 mm. A simple and quick set-up process and compact machine dimensions are advantages of this model.

The LPS-T 3D demonstrates its strengths when sawing larger printing plates. The vertical design of the machine with a freely accessible machine table ensures an easy loading and handling of big and heavy base plates. Especially when cutting steel or other difficult-to-cut materials the standard servo feed system provides a steady saw feed movement which helps to ensure a quiet and stable cutting process. This results in high cutting per-formance and blade life for the machine.

With the blade deflection monitoring system and its adjustable thresholds both models of the BEHRINGER 3D-Series ensure highest sawing precision.
The sawing of additively manufactured printed parts with a minimized supporting structured is made possible. In addition, different cooling- and lubricating systems optimize the sawing of various materials.

Simplified setup

The fixture of both models is moveable, which ensures easy loading and handling. Due to the standard zero-point stop sys-tem, manual positioning by the operator is not necessary. By aligning to the base plate, the swiveling zero stop simplifies the set-up operation and also reduces sources of errors.

Safety features

Both the HBE320-523 3D and the LPS-T 3D offer the option of a machine housing with an optional evacuation system to extract oils, aerosol mists, vapors or metal dust. This ensures that no substances at risk of health get into the working environment.