Large Bandsaw HBP1100-1500

Effective performer for steel finishing and the steel trade

The large bandsaws with roller conveyor are the "great" allrounders from Behringer. Especially when cutting long solid materials - rolled or rough turned - or processing large pipes, these saws make for dramatic improvements in productivity. The good accessibility to all important components simplifies maintenance and servicing.

  • Behringer Großbandsäge HBP1100

    HBP1100-1500 (similar illustration)

  • Behringer Großbandsäge Sägevorschub durch Servomotor

    Servo Feed System

  • Behringer Großbandsäge Bandlaufrad aus schwingungsdämpfendem Guss

    Cast iron band guiding parts

  • Behringer Großbandsäge Bandführung mit Dämpfungsrollen

    Carbide blade guides

  • Behringer Großbandsäge Veranschaulichung der Zugänglichkeit

    Optimum accessibility

  • Behringer Großbandsäge Spänereinigung durch Duplex-Spänebürste

    Duplex chip brushes

  • Behringer Rollenbahn Baureihe 148

    Heavy duty roller conveyors

Features of the HBP1100-1500

  • Optimum accessibility
    Behringer attaches great importance to the aspect of maintenance and servicing: All the important parts and components are very accessible. The open design offers direct access to all wearing parts, optimizing both maintenance and repairs and simplifying saw blade changes.

  • Blade guiding parts in grey cast iron
    By dampening vibrations directly at the sawing point, blade-guiding elements made by Behringer help to increase tool service life. These elements are cast in-house in our own foundry, benefiting from experience handed down over decades.

  • Strong saw drive
    Behringer large bandsaws feature a high-torque frequency controlled saw drive with heavyduty hollow shaft gearbox. Drives with different speed ranges are available to suit particular materials.

  • Powered duplex chip brushes
    actively clean the blade and prevent chips being drawn into the cutting channel. The brushes are adjusted automatically towards the saw blade, ensuring uniform cleaning action. The benefits: Increased tool service life and lower brush wear.

  • Servo feed system with two ball screw spindles
    The BEHRINGER servo feed system with cutting pressure control produces constant chip removal, especially with slow feed movements. Large and difficult-to-cut materials are thus sawn with the highest cutting performance and at the same time longer blade life.

  • Precise guiding system in portal design
    The portal design of the machine concept is the most recognizable feature of the Behringer large bandsaws. Two solid columns and support bars form a balanced machine concept to address the most stringent demands. The effects of this highly stable gantry design include minimal vibrations during sawing, high loading capacity, and an extremely long service life.

  • Efficient chip removal
    The chip conveyor is located directly underneath the sawing point, which catches the saw chips and surplus cooling emulsion. The funnelshaped machine base ensures that these are efficiently carried out of the machine. The conveyor is fitted with an integrated coolant tank and can be pulled out of the machine for simple cleaning.

Individual Configuration

The HBP1100-1500 can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical Data HBP1100-1500

Cutting range 90° round 1,100 mm
Cutting range 90° flat 1,500 x 1,100 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn round 400 mm
Smallest dimension to be sawn flat 400 x 200 mm
Drive power 15 kW
Blade speed 8 - 84 m/min
Saw blade dimensions 13,730 x 80 x 1.6 mm
Total power 30 kW
Length 3,100 mm
Width 7,800 mm
Height 3,850 mm
Weight 15,000 kg
Material support height 700 mm

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