Cold Saw VMS 400 H

Classics in any workshop

More than 250,000 cold saws sold worldwide speak for themselves. Simple operation, robust design and precise cuts make the metal-cutting cold saws of the VMS series a reliable partner in the workshop and factory. They are real all-rounders when it comes to cutting solid materials, tubes and profiles. In addition to the hydraulic saw feed, the VMS 400 H also offers hydraulic clamping of the material.

The heart of the VMS circular saw unit is the worm gear unit with Eisele shock-absorbing feature, produced in-house. It is heavy duty and provides for a smooth, low-vibration running of the saw, which, of course, has a positive impact on the quality of the cutting surface, the blade life and the service life of the saw.

  • Behringer Eisele cold saw VMS 400 H with hydraulic saw feed

    Cold Saw VMS 400 H

  • Behringer Eisele cold saw VMS 400 H mit robustem Schneckengetriebe aus eigener Herstellung

    Worm gearbox from our own production

  • Behringer Eisele cold saw VMS 400 H Vorschubeinstellung für den pneumatischen Sägevorschub

    Hydraulic saw feed

  • Behringer Eisele cold saw VMS 400 H Skala zur Anzeige des Gehrungswinkels

    Convenient mitre adjustment

  • Behringer Eisele cold saw VMS 400 H coolant device

    Coolant device of the circular saw

  • Behringer Eisele cold saw Behringer Eisele cold saw VMS 400 H Einstellung des Sägeeintrittspunkts und Sägeaustrittspunkts

    Convenient stroke adjustment of the saw blade

  • Behringer Eisele cold saw VMS 400 H Micro-Sprühsystem

    Micro spray system (option)

Features of the cold saw VMS 400 H

  • Worm gear unit with Eisele shock-absorbing feature
    An ideally designed gearbox from our own production offers long blade life and maximum durability.

  • User-friendly mitre adjustment
    with fixed stops. This allows changing mitre angles to be set precisely and quickly.

  • Low space requirement
    High productivity with simultaneously compact dimensions of less than 1 m².

  • Micro spray system (option)
    When sawing profiles, pipes and solid material, the minimum quantity lubrication system delivers the best results. The saw blade is constantly moistened with cutting oil via a nozzle. This guarantees a long tool life and a clean working environment.

  • High flexibility
    The cold saw VMS 400 H# can be flexibly adapted to your material flow.

  • Hydraulic saw feed
    The semi-automatic model with hydraulic saw feed and hydraulic quick clamping device offers a high level of operating comfort as well as consistent cutting quality.

  • Sturdy machine base
    The heavy machine stand and the vibration-damping cast iron components made by Behringer ensure a low-vibration sawing process and thus an increase in tool life.

  • Comfortable stroke adjustment
    The entry and exit points of the saw blade can be conveniently adjusted using two limit switches.

  • Large dimensioned protective cover
    ensures an easy and quick saw blade change and a high level of safety during work.

  • Clean machine design
    The coolant unit and the chip drawer are integrated into the machine base.

Individual Configuration

The cold saw VMS 400 H can be configured perfectly to your requirements with numerous options. This is how you get the most out of your production. Our experts will be pleased to advise you. We look forward to your inquiry.


Technical data cold saw VMS 400 H

Flat 90° 200 x 120 mm
Flat 45° 140 x 120 mm
Flat 30° 100 x 100 mm 1)
Square 90° 120 mm
Square 45° 120 mm
Square 30° 100 mm 1)
Round 90° 140 mm
Round 45° 140 mm
Round 30° 110 mm 1)
Drive power 2.0 / 2.6 kW
RPM standard 17 / 34 - 34 / 68 min-1
RPM optional 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 min-1
Saw blade diameter 400 mm
Saw feed hydraulic
Material clamping hydraulic
Length 945 mm
Width 1,500 mm
Height 2,130 mm
Weight 750 kg
Material support height 900 mm

1) Only to the right side

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